Master Your Money. Own Your Life.

Dollars+Change offers personalized one-on-one coaching for professional women. Our coaching programs provide education and guidance on your financial journey, assistance in implementing a tailored financial plan, and accountability to keep you on track.  These tools will help you to confidently manage your day-to-day finances, prepare for unexpected expenses, increase savings, reduce debt, and achieve goals.

But, money is about more than just the numbers and practical skills.  It's also about your mindset.  We'll dig deep to gain a better understanding of your beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors around money so that you don’t fall back into old habits and can make lasting transformational change. 

Coaching sessions are a confidential, judgment free environment designed to meet you where you are.  Sessions are held virtually and available to clients in any location.

A Better Way To Budget

Managing your money is not about how smart you are.  It’s a skill.  A skill that many of us were taught very little about, if anything at all.  It’s no wonder so many people are struggling and stressing about their money! Just like any other skill, it takes the right information, tools, and practice to get better.  Financial coaching with Dollars+Change can provide the support you need to take your finances to the next level. 

Traditional budgets are not dynamic and often too restrictive.  So, we’ve found a better way to budget.  Using our simple, proven budgeting method we will show you how to plan ahead, prioritize your spending, and clearly see where your money is going. We will develop a money plan you can live with – one where you don’t feel deprived and can spend guilt-free WHILE achieving your goals and working toward financial freedom.

Here’s How It Works

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Step 1: Consultation

We’ll hop on a 20-minute consultation call to get acquainted, discuss your needs, and see if financial coaching with Dollars+Change is a good fit for you.  No worries.  It’s free, painless, and there are no obligations. 

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Step 2: EmpowHER Session

In this 2-hour virtual session, we’ll meet one-on-one to gain clarity around your money and develop an action plan to reach your goals.  After booking your session, you will complete some prep work in advance and we’ll start digging in when we meet. Read more about the session below. 

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Step 3: Ongoing Coaching

After your EmpowHER Session, we’ll decide which coaching program is best for you.  Through regular coaching sessions, we will focus on executing your plan with intention, using a simple system to confidently make financial decisions, and maintaining a healthy relationship and mindset around your money.

  Be sure to check out the FAQs for answers to commonly asked questions about financial coaching. Also, see what our happy clients have to say!  

Tap into your power and take control of your money! 

You’ve been “figuring it out” and “making it work” long enough.  It’s time to stop talking about your goals and dreams and to start taking action.  Don’t let money problems keep you stuck.  You’ve got help…and it all starts with the EmpowHER Session.

This 2-hour virtual session will help you gain clarity and perspective about your money.  We’ll review your current financial situation and develop an action plan so you can more confidently manage your money and be intentional about reaching your goals.  You’ll leave feeling empowered by knowing where you stand financially and immediate steps you can take to start moving your money in the right direction. 

What You’ll Gain from the EmpowHER Session

  • Complete the first steps to achieve financial clarity and confidence

  • Take control of your money and create an action plan to reach your goals

  • Organize your income and expenses so you’re clear about where you stand

  • Analyze your spending to identify where your money is going

  • Identify key challenges and establish priorities of what to focus on first

  • Reinforce strengths and explore solutions to get you results

  • Design a savings strategy that will leave you feeling secure

  • Tackle your debt and discuss payoff strategies

  • Learn about a simple way to manage your money where you don’t have to track every penny

  • Receive a recording of your session so you don’t forget anything, and also a tutorial and worksheets to support you on your financial journey


Investment: $299

If you’re tired of the struggle and ready to do more with your money, click below to schedule your EmpowHER Session.

The Only Thing Standing In Your Way Is You

To be honest, getting your finances in order will be hard work.  You didn’t get here overnight so it will take some time to work things out.  Change can be challenging, but if you commit and push through, it will definitely be worth it!  There is such a sense of relief and freedom when you are in control of your money and achieving your goals. 

Trust that your relationship with money can be better and give yourself permission to live the life you deserve. 

Whatever your goals are – paying off your student loans, buying a new car or house, taking an annual girls trip, saving for your kid’s college, starting your own business, preparing for retirement – it is possible to make them your reality.  You don’t have to settle. 

But, the first thing you have to do is DECIDE that you want more for your money...and your life.  If you’re ready for more, click below to schedule your EmpowHER Session and let’s start moving your finances forward!