Tired of stressing about money?


You’re smart.  You’re ambitious.  And you’re used to having it together.  You make good money, but the truth is, behind the scenes you’re struggling.

Having five and six-figure debt is weighing you down. Unexpected expenses keep throwing you off track. And you don’t feel secure with your savings. You’ve read the financial tips and try to budget, but you still haven’t been able to get (and keep) your money under control.

We get it. Managing your money can be overwhelming. It’s okay to not have it all figured out.

You’ve tried to do it yourself and now it’s time to let us help you do something that works.  What you need is a simple method to confidently manage your money and a plan tailored to your specific financial situation. We’ve got you covered!

Let’s create the life you want - one where you’re financially secure and free from the stress of worrying about your money.

Are you ready for your financial breakthrough?


How Dollars+Change Can Help

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Before you can know where you're going, you have to know where you are.  You'll not only gain clarity about your current financial situation but also about what you really want so you can prioritize your goals.  We’ll develop a personalized plan to take control of your finances and get results. 

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Confidently manage your money and feel good about your financial decisions.  Past choices do not define you or your future. We’ll work on your relationship with money to develop healthy habits and a positive mindset. With focus and persistence, you can do great things with your money! 

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Be intentional with your dollars so you can achieve your goals faster and live the life you want.  Money problems don’t have to be a roadblock to your dreams. Using our simple budgeting method, we'll align your spending with your values and the things that matter the most to YOU. 

Financial Freedom Awaits


Dollars+Change is dedicated to providing financial wellness and empowerment for women.  We help high-achieving, professional women confidently manage their money so they can have the financial security and freedom to live the life they want. Through personalized coaching, we offer education, guidance, and accountability to help you make transformational change with your money and live a richer, more fulfilling life.